General Questions

Yamail is free for private user. Maybe will be charges for technical issues such as for recovery password (if you lost it), troubleshootings etc. All of these upon request. Also there are charges for purchase packages.

Yes, Yamail is open-source.

Secure Connect is an open source encrypted contact form which enables every visitor of your website to contact you confidentially.

The size with emails with attachments sent via Yamail is limited to 25mb at the moment.

Client Query

Yes, Yamail offers secure business email accounts. With Yamail Business, all emails exhanged between members of your organization are end-to-end encryption.

Also, if you have an organization you can take advantage from our premioum services.

Yamail uses a password strength indicator that takes several aspects of a password into consideration to make sure your chosen password is a perfect match for your secure email account.

Yes, all data within Yamail is end-to-end encrypted and only accessible with your password. Scanning and profiling of your data is not possible

Technical Questions

If you can't login to your account, this has been caused by one of the following reasons:

- You forgot your password or lost your second factor: Please contact us.

- Your account got suspended due to unpaid invoices: Your account may be suspended if you don't pay your open bills for a long time. Just contact us if you want to continue using your account and include the email address of your suspended Yamail account.

- Your account was disabled due to another reason: Some accounts get disabled due to a violation of our Terms of Service. You can contact us if you think that we made a mistake. Please include the email address of your suspended Yamail account.

We at Yamail take almost care to secure your mailbox to the maximum. In case you find a vulnerability in Yamail, please report it directly to us so we can fix it.